Conversation stoppers

In our new weekly series, we aim to help you to answer those awkward questions and statements about God and Jesus.

What do you believe?

Believing in Jesus is fine, but

25th February 2018
Linsey Hernon
Grenfell Tower

"WHY did God allow this?"

22nd October 2017
Chris Eacott

"Christians are Hypocrites!"

15th October 2017
Revd Peter Heywood
Free Will

"Free Will?"

8th October 2017
Linsey Hernon
2 Corinthians 5: 7

"Blind Faith?"

24th September 2017
Angela Jones

"Christianity is a crutch ...!"

17th September 2017
Linsey Hernon
The Holy Bible

"You can't trust the Bible ..."

10th September 2017
Linsey Hernon

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