"Praying Revival"

Acts 1: 1 - 14
13th May 2018
Revd Peter Heywood

"Social Media & The Bible"

2 Timothy Chapter 3
15th April 2018
Revd Glenn Scott

"Worship the Lord"

1 Chronicles 16: 23-31
25th February 2018
Revd Rod Bevan

"Believe in Jesus"

John 3: 1-18
18th February 2018
Revd Rod Bevan

"Gideon - Who Me?"

Judges 6: 11-24
28th January 2018
Revd Rod Bevan

"Come and See"

John 1: 35-46
26th November 2017
Linsey Hernon

"Evangelism & Open Doors"

Philippians 1: 12-21
29th October 2017
Adrian Smith

"The Jesus Way"

Matthew 9: 35 to 38
22nd October 2017
Revd Rod Bevan

Sharing Christ ....

Acts Chapter 17: 16-34
15th October 2017
Revd Richard Booth

"Reaching Young People"

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 & Proverbs 22:6
8th October 2017
Phoebe Lieurance

"The Worst Day of Your Life"

1 Samuel Chapter 30
24th September 2017
Chris Eacott

Evangelism and the Holy Spirit

Acts 1: 4-8 and Acts 8: 26-40
17th September 2017
Revd Peter Heywood

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