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About the PAIS Movement

The PAIS Movement is a global non-denominational organization that creates partnerships between schools, community projects, businesses and churches.

Paul Clayton Gibbs founded the organization which has grown from being one single team pioneering a work in Manchester in 1992 to becoming a global enterprise with teams and headquarters on six continents.Its first team outside of Europe was launched in the U.S.A. in 2002. Over the next several years to present there have been teams planted in over 13 nations worldwide.

The PAIS Movement motto is “missionaries making missionaries’.

PAIS provides free apprenticeships in youth leadership ministry including training, accommodation and meals. Multiple courses are available on 6 continents. Qualification options in Applied Theology are also available.

PAIS also provides worldwide resources and has launched various initiatives to promote what is known as its “three distinctives” in the area of mission, discipleship and study.

Phoebe About Pheobe who is working with us on placement

It has been such a great experience to work in Rossendale these last months!

I have felt very welcomed and encouraged by everyone here and am starting to feel comfortable at St. Anne’s Church and in the community.

At St. Anne’s Church, I have been helping out in the Ignite Group for the older students and once planned and led their lesson.

At St. Anne’s Primary School, I have been working with the PAIS Team to help out throughout the school day with reading support, break support, 2 RE lessons, a Christian Lunch Club, and a Christian After-school Club. The RE lessons are my favourite because we get to teach the students faith-related principles and Bible stories. I love seeing their faces when the lesson “clicks” and they understand what we are saying.

With the PAIS Team, I also go into Water Primary School to connect with students during a breakfast club, and Fearns High School to hang out with students during their lunch. Even though we are not presenting ministry at those times, it is really fun to be there as positive role models for the students and to be friends with students who don’t connect well with people their own age

In the evenings, I help out with the things going on at the BoilerHouse and love getting to connect with students there.

Thus far, my favourite thing there has been having the opportunity to teach several of the students how to knit. Only a few of them have stuck with the learning, but I have been able to use that time to build positive relationships with them and now can chat with them whenever they are interested.

I am really excited to continue in the work here to show God’s love to both the youth and the other people that I come into contact with!

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