We’re hoping to purchase a two screen solution for the big picture and
an interactive screen for an interactive Community Church.

St Anne’s, Edgeside, in the Rossendale Valley, is a God-centred church
with a busy calendar of events and activities.

Church is not just a Sunday thing! 

We serve our Community every day, with many activities from Patter and Natter, Kids Rock, Sensory Social, Messy Church, Children’s Groups on Sundays, and sessions for the children at St Anne’s Nursery and School, to First Aid training, Prayer Meetings, Bible Studies, Alpha Courses, and vital community meetings, such as the White Horse Project and Edgeside and District Community Partnership.

Phew! Our church never stops! And now we need your help.          

A brighter future ..

Sunlight often makes our existing projection look washed out.

New equipment will make watching a hugely better experience.

In our meeting room, projector and screen are difficult and time consuming to set up, and very user unfriendly.

So, we’re raising funds to purchase a bright, new interactive touch screen for the meeting room and new equipment for both sides of the Church.  

Today’s kids (and big kids) are digital divas! Clear, crisp, HD images are standard. That’s why anything below that standard can negatively impact engagement and learning.

The Interactive Screen we hope to invest in will ensure a brighter, clearer picture,
with no shadows or lighting problems, delivering outstanding images. It’s simple to maintain, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The new equipment in the main Church will give us an enhanced visual experience for a visual age.

What will all this mean?

More colourful Patter and Natters, more exciting Kids Rock sessions, awesome assemblies and altogether classier classes for schoolchildren, supporting learning and development.

The adults too will benefit enormously from more engaging, interactive meetings, training courses and a wide range of community events.



We can't do it without you and your help so please support this fantastic project today.

(Please remember Gift Aid to increase your gift by 25% if you are a UK Tax Payer.)


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