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therefore compels us to take with the utmost seriousness the challenge of preventing abuse
                 from happening and responding well where it has.

                 2.  Human Rights and the Law
                 The Church recognises the personal dignity and rights of all children, young people and adults,
                 as enshrined in the Human Rights Act 1998 and the 1989 United Nations Convention on the
                 Rights of the Child.
                 Safeguarding  work  is  undertaken  within  a  legislative  framework  supported  by  government
                 guidance which sets out a range of safeguarding duties, responsibilities and best practice.

                 3.Core Principles
                 The following key principles underpin the Church’s approach to safeguarding practice:

                      The welfare of the child, young person and vulnerable adult is paramount ;
                      Integrity, respect and listening to all;
                      Transparency and openness;
                      Accountability;
                      Collaboration with key statutory authorities and other partners;
                      Use of professional safeguarding advice and support both inside and outside the
                      A commitment to the prevention of abuse;
                      The active management of risk;
                      Promoting a  culture of informed vigilance;
                      Regular evaluation to ensure best practice.

                 4. Good Safeguarding Practice

                 The following key features  will help Church bodies  promote and maintain a safer culture
                 that protects and promotes the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

                 These features are :
                      A  leadership  commitment,  at  all  levels,  to  the  importance  of  safeguarding  and
                        promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults;
                      A safeguarding policy available to Church Officers ;
                      A clear line of accountability within the Church for work on safeguarding;
                      Clear reporting procedures to deal with safeguarding concerns and allegations;

               6  In the event of any perceived or potential  conflict of interest the welfare of any children and young people involved
               will always take precedence over all adults
               7  These are based on Safe from Harm Home Office, 1993, and the statutory guidance on making arrangements to
               safeguard and promote the welfare of children under section 11 of the Children Act 2004.
               8  It is acknowledged that the level and depth of arrangements that meet these key features will be dependent on
               the size and resources available to an individual church body

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