Mother's Union

St Anne’s Church has an active Mothers' Union Group consisting of 18 members of the national organisation of Mothers' Union who actively support people throughout the world.

The aim of the Mothers' Union is to show Christian faith in action through the transformation of communities worldwide through the promotion of stable marriage, family life and the protection of children.

Please visit for more information.

Our Mothers' Union members are involved in the local charity already committed to by St. Anne’s Church. Together we work to support families and young people and to promote family life. We are committed to supporting this work now and for the foreseeable future.

In addition, Mothers' Union is putting on some local events in 2018 to further our work with local families – some examples:

We have two family film nights planned - always a wonderful and relaxing night out!

A ladies film night on Mothers' Day evening. Please feel free to join us.

In addition we have four discussion nights aimed at helping parents and carers of older children and younger adults with hot topics such as relationships, music, social media and television.

See our planned calendar of events for 2018 on this page, and please feel free to come along and join us.

If you have any questions, or would like further information about Mothers' Union and its work then please get in touch.

Faith is not a requirement.

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