Robert Whewell



Hi, I’m Rob, I’m a father of three wonderful boys and two cats, together with my stunning fiance Amber.

When I'm not working and spending time with my family, I play football, Robert2coach football and go running. I came to faith in the Covid pandemic, I had a lot of time to sit and ask questions, which were answered with the start of the Alpha course with St. Annes. Over the duration of the course I made some wonderful friends and found my path to God.

As St. Annes is literally 5 minutes from my house and the Alpha Course introduced me to the awesome people there. I knew that’s where I wanted to strengthen my faith. St Anne’s really is a beautiful church and the people inside and involved make it even more. I try to get involved where help is needed from gritting in winter to serving food at messy church, it's a sense of community and fulfillment you won't get anywhere else.

Looking ahead I want to adapt my own skillset and help church more, as a football coach to children I would love maybe to help local children understand faith, help with the White Horse Project, the main aim though is to bring more people my age to church, and let them know and feel the sense of love and community that I do.
Remember God is good, and we hope to have you with us soon!



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